Chinese Storytelling


Vibeke Børdahl

Jette Ross




Photo:Per E. Børdahl

Vibeke Børdahl

Vibeke Børdahl, Ph.D., Dr.Phil., is senior researcher at the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies (NIAS), Copenhagen University. She has taught Chinese language and literature at the Universities of Aarhus, Oslo and Copenhagen.

Her book-length studies in English and Chinese include:

Along the Broad Road of Realism - Qin Zhaoyang's World of Fiction (Curzon Press, London 1990)

The Oral Tradition of Yangzhou Storytelling (Curzon Press, Richmond 1996)

The Eternal Storyteller - Oral Literature in Modern China (Curzon Press, Richmond 1999, ed. with photos by Jette Ross)

Chinese Storytellers - Life and Art in the Yangzhou Tradition, with photographer Jette Ross (Cheng & Tsui, Boston 2002)

Four Masters of Chinese Storytelling—Full-length Repertoires of Yangzhou Storytelling on Video, Yangzhou pinghua sijia yiren—quan shu biaoyan luxiang mulu, ed. with Fei Li and Huang Ying,bilingual edition in English and Chinese, DVD with film and performances included (NIAS Press, Copenhagen 2004)

Yangzhou pinghua tantao, translated with Mi Feng and Lee Chinyun (The Oral Tradition of Yangzhou Storytelling), revised and augmented Chinese edition (Renmin wenxue chubanshe 2007)

Lifestyle and Entertainment in Yangzhou, ed. with Lucie Olivová (NIAS Press, Copenhagen 2009)

The Interplay of the Oral and the Written in Chinese Popular Literature, ed. with Margaret B.Wan (NIAS Press, Copenhagen 2010)

Wu Song Fights the Tiger. The Interaction of Oral and Written Traditions in the Chinese Novel, Drama and Storytelling (NIAS Press, Copenhagen 2013)

WESTERN HAN. A Yangzhou Storyteller’s Script, Vibeke Børdahl and Liangyan Ge (eds) in cooperation with Wang Yalong: (NIAS Press, Copenhagen 2017)

In Danish:

Tiger, tiger. Wu Song og Tigeren i kinesisk historiefortælling,with photos by Jette Ross (Vandkunsten Forlag, Copenhagen 2004)

Jin Ping Mei i vers og prosa. Første Bog (Vandkunsten Forlag, Copenhagen 2011)

Jin Ping Mei i vers og prosa. Anden Bog (Vandkunsten Forlag, Copenhagen 2014)

Jin Ping Mei i vers og prosa. Tredie Bog (Vandkunsten Forlag, Copenhagen 2016)

Jin Ping Mei i vers og prosa. Fjerde Bog (Vandkunsten Forlag, Copenhagen 2017)