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The menu to the left will take you to the various parts of the Chinese Storytelling website. Below is a brief description of what each of these parts is about and what you can expect to find there.

The illustrations for this website are, unless a special source is given, prepared by the late Jette Ross. Sources for the illustrations are given in Børdahl & Ross: Chinese Storytellers - Life and Art in the Yangzhou Tradition , Cheng & Tsui, Boston 2002.

The creation of this website was funded substantially by the S.C.Van Foundation (Daloon Foundation), Denmark.

Chinese Storytelling

Here you find a guide into the field of Chinese Storytelling, arranged under the following headings: Oral and Written Literature; Professional Storytelling; History and Milieu; Masters and Disciples; Elements of Performance; Sagas of Storytelling.

Chinese Storytelling Research Database

Project leader Vibeke Børdahl

Design and development Jens-Christian Sørensen

A research tool for the investigation of Chinese storytelling. The database includes several collections of oral and written documen-tation, as well as photos and pictorial art with relevance to story-telling. In the main collection, The Wu Song Project Collection, the textual sources are organized into three main categories: 1) Oral Performances; 2) Written Genres for Performance and Reading; 3) Written Genres for Reading. The materials are available as audio- and video-recordings, scanned versions of original texts, rewritten versions with computer characters, and translations into English.



Information about books and articles on Chinese Storytelling and related matters published by the initiators of the website.


Here you find a list of studies on Chinese storytelling and other quyi genres. We invite you to add lists and items to the bibliography.