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Articles 1990-2014

By Vibeke Børdahl

With Photos by Jette Ross

(since 1997)

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Interviews 2001-2013

Interview: 'A Dane's lifelong love for Yangzhou stories, China Daily, 21 December 2001.

2001 Interview: 'Danmai nu jiaoshou yu Yangzhou pinghua' [A Danish Female Researcher and Yangzhou Storytelling], Huaren shikan No.18, pp. 6-27, and Yangzhou quyi zhi you, No.24, March.


2001 Interview: 'Et sted for skæve ideer' [A Place for Odd Ideas], September, Humaniora, No.3.

2002 Commentary: Fan Jingyi: 'Jing ting yangren shuo pingshu' [Much to my surprise I heard a foreigner performing storytelling! About Vibeke Børdahl's presentation at Beijing International Symposium on Protection and Legislation of Folk/Traditional Culture], Xinmin wanbao, Shanghai, 22 January 2002, p.1.


2002 Interview: Flemming Poulsen: 'Historiefortællere på bånd - Dansk kinaforsker igang med stort projekt', [Storytellers on video - Danish sinologist involved in a major project], Kinabladet, Nr.13, pp.12-13.


2005 Feature article: Gui Guo, Wu Jun: '8 ge guojia he diqu 18wei xuezhe lai yang jinxing 3 tian yantao: Yangzhou Ming Qing wenhua mizui haiwai “fensi”' [18 Researchers from eight countries visit Yangzhou for a 3 days' workshop] (On the International Workshop Lifestyle and Entertainment in Yangzhou, 20-22 October 2005, organized by Vibeke Børdahl and Lucie Olivova, with support from NIAS and the Norwegian Research Council), Yangzhou wanbao , 2005, 23 October, p.1 and p.2.


2006 Interview: Cai Xiaorong: ‘ Yangzhou pinghua shi kouchuan wenxue ma?'[Is Yangzhou storytelling oral literature?], in: Tushu haiwai , pp.78-79.


2007 Portrait: ‘Yangzhou pinghua jiajin Meiguo guohui tushuguan—“Wangnian jiao” Danmairen Yi Debo qianxian daqiao' [Yangzhou storytelling ‘enters a new home' in Library of Congress in USA—my friend of a younger generation, Vibeke Børdahl, acted as ‘a matchmaker' and a bridge builder' , Interview with Fei Li, in: Yangzhou wanbao, November 28, and online:


2008 Research report and portrait: Guo Wei: ‘Yi Debo yu Yangzhou pinghua qingjie' [Vibeke Børdahl and Her Relationship with Yangzhou Storytelling], in: Journal of Quangxi Teachers Education University (Social Science Edition) , Vol. 29, No.1: 1-4. Reprinted in: Guo Wei: Caogen wenxue kuaile xiezuo—Guo Wei minjian wenxue xin lunji , Dazhong wenyi chubanshe, 2008, pp. 179-187.


2008 Portrait: ‘Kinaveteran: Vibeke Børdahl – tyve år med kinesiske historiefortællere' [Twenty Years with Chinese storytellers], Interview with Anette Kruse , in: Kinabladet , No. 37: 6-9.


2009 Portrait: ‘Yi Debo lai Yangzhou yanjiu “shuohua yishu”', [Vibeke Børdahl visits Yangzhou in order to study oral literature], by Miu Chen, Yangzhou ribao, 11.10.2009.

2009 Portrait: ‘Danmai nüxuezhe zai chu “Yangzhou shu”' [The Danish female researcher Vibeke Børdahl publishes still another Yangzhou book', by Wang Jin, Yangzhou wanbao, 11.10.2009.


2009 Portrait: ‘Ta ba Yangzhou pinghua shuo gei shijie ting, Danmai hanxuejia Yi Debo xiele 7 ben Yangzhou zhuanzhu' [She tells the world about Yangzhou storytelling. The Danish sinologist Vibeke Børdahl has written seven works about Yangzhou ], by Wu Jing, Yangzhou wanbao, 30.10.2009.


2009 Portrait: ‘ Yangzhou pinghua, tonghua yiyang youmei' [ Yangzhou storytelling is as beautiful as fairy tales], by Zhou Bao, Yangzhou ribao, 30.10.2009.


2009 Portrait: ‘Xiehou Yi Debo boshi' [Meeting Dr. Vibeke Børdahl], by Wang Weiguo, Yangzhou wanbao, 14.11.2009.  

2009 Event: ‘Shuoshu shi, Cao Cao da OK ruhe?' [What about Cao Cao saying OK in storytelling?], by Gui Guo, Yangzhou wanbao, 1.12.2009.


2009 Event: ‘Yi Debo dandang “ Yangzhou pinghua haiwai dashi” [Vibeke Børdahl is taking on the responsibility of being “Ambassador for Yangzhou storytelling in the West], by Gui Guo, Yangzhou wanbao, 5.12.2009

2009 Event: ‘Shuoshu shi, Cao Cao da OK ruhe?' [What about Cao Cao saying OK in storytelling?], by Gui Guo, Yangzhou wanbao, 1.12.2009.


2011 Interview: ‘Danmai nü jiaoshou de Yangzhou qingjie. Ji Yi Debo yu Yangzhou pinghua' [A Danish female professor and her relationship to Yangzhou . About Vibeke Børdahl and Yangzhou storytelling.] Webpage: < 3096.html > 9 August 2011.


2013 Event: ‘Danmai zhuming hanxuejia Yi Debo lai wo sheng jinxing wenhua fangwen' [The famous Danish sinologist Vibeke Børdahl visits our province], by Cui Zhe, Yanzhao dushi bao, 25.04.2013.