Chinese Storytelling

Chinese Storytelling

Masters and Disciples

  1. The Father of Storytelling
  2. Early Masters
  3. Schools of Storytelling
  4. Deng School of Water Margin
  5. Song School of Water Margin
  6. Li School of Three Kingdoms
  7. Ren School of Three Kingdoms
  8. Dai School of Journey to the West
  9. The repertoires
  10. Water Margin in Yangzhou Storytelling
  11. The Wang school of Water Margin
  12. Three Kingdoms in Yangzhou storytelling
  13. Journey to the West in Yangzhou storytelling
  14. Transmission of the art and training of disciples
  15. Oral transmission and teaching from the heart
  16. Written librettos for storytelling


Masters and Disciples (10)

Water Margin in Yangzhou Storytelling

The saga of Water Margin in Yangzhou storytelling of today is transmitted in two major hereditary lines, the Deng School and the Song School. Ultimately the oral transmission is traced back to Liu Jingting around 1600. Historical sources, however, do not allow us to establish a direct lineage from his time to present-day storytellers. Water Margin, as transmitted in an unbroken chain from master to disciple, goes back in direct lineage seven generations to the founding father Deng Guangdou (fl.1821-1862), the founder of the so-called Deng school of Water Margin. There is also a parallel lineage going five generations back to Xu Dianzhang (fl.1821-1862) and his disciple Song Chengzhang (fl.1862-1908), after whom the Song school of Water Margin was named.

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