Chinese Storytelling

Chinese Storytelling

Masters and Disciples

  1. The Father of Storytelling
  2. Early Masters
  3. Schools of Storytelling
  4. Deng School of Water Margin
  5. Song School of Water Margin
  6. Li School of Three Kingdoms
  7. Ren School of Three Kingdoms
  8. Dai School of Journey to the West
  9. The repertoires
  10. Water Margin in Yangzhou Storytelling
  11. The Wang school of Water Margin
  12. Three Kingdoms in Yangzhou storytelling
  13. Journey to the West in Yangzhou storytelling
  14. Transmission of the art and training of disciples
  15. Oral transmission and teaching from the heart
  16. Written librettos for storytelling


Masters and Disciples (12)

Three Kingdoms in Yangzhou storytelling

Three Kingdoms was likewise transmitted in two major schools of storytelling, the Li School handed down from the founding master Li Guohui (late Qing-Republic) and the Ren School beginning from Ren Decheng (late Qing), also called the Lan School after a later eminent master, Lan Yuchun (late Qing). Presently Three Kingdoms is mainly told by storytellers from two famous branches of the Li School.

The Kang School, founded by Kang Guohua (1853-1916), and the Wu School, founded by Wu Guoliang (1872-1944), both storytellers from the first generation after the founding master Li Guohui. Both the Kang and the Wu Schools thus can boast four generations of transmission.

The storytellers represented here include Fei Zhengliang (b.1931) and Gao Zaihua (b.1928), who belong to the Wu and Kang Schools respectively, and are both in the third generation of their lineages. Mr. Fei has spent a lifetime as researcher and editor of Yangzhou storytelling and is presently occupied with editing the family saga into book form. Mr. Gao is active in educating students and in organizing the storytellersí association, Friends of Yangzhou Performed Arts Yangzhou quyi zhi you. Extracts from their performances are found under Sagas of storytelling..

From 'Beheading Yan Liang' told by Fei Zhengliang
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From 'Curing the Patient' told by Gao Zaihua
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